Multicloud platforms

A24 hosts and manages large scale platforms for auction, digital advertising, gaming, media, payments and pharmaceutical clients.

Enterprise platforms

Large scale platform deployments need dedicated infrastructure that is specified and deployed specifically for their requirements.  In practical terms this means building infrastructure that is typically unavailable from public cloud providers. In addition customers on this scale need dedicated 24×7 named support teams.

  • ISO compliance
  • Global Equinix Fabric
  • Direct access to public cloud
  • Redundant Internet access
  • Remote Access
  • 99999 SLAs

Platforms as a service - PaaS

Platform as a Service allows enterprises to utilise globally deployed generic platforms and tailor them to their own requirements:

Consuming HSM on demand is a market driven solution that ensures flexibility and agility are made available to promote competition and growth for all banking and finance enterprises in all markets.

A highly complex deployment in-house is easily leveraged as a service that recreates a private cloud (VM) environment with the same functionality typically available from public cloud providers

For Container solutions that are deployed either in private or public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure, a streamlined platform to deploy container workloads is paramount. Combined with robust container management OpenShift provides complex environments with simple, transparent solutions.

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