Platforms as a service

Massive infrastructure investment is a specialist field and global companies leverage the power of Global Network Provision Specialists utilising only services directly relevant to their requirements.

Openstack as a Service

OpenStack provides a suite of open source tools providing an environment to build and manage your own private cloud deployments. OpenStack private cloud deployments are fully interoperable with IaaS deployments, 3rd party and public clouds:

  • 30 day POC trials
  • Transition to private cloud
  • Ease of deployment “as a Service”
  • Control hardware specification

If some or all of your applications need to reside in a secure private cloud then OpenStack provides an easily understood and powerful environment.

Openshift as a Service

Delivering container management without the need to deploy enterprise grade infrastructure.  OpenShift makes working with the complex Kubertnetes environment simple by using a highly able GUI interface to  deploy infrastructure:

  • 30 day POC trials
  • Working at scale with Kubernetes
  • Automatically convert scripted code to containers
  • Enhanced performance

For companies that run containers, OpenShift as a Service distributes your containers across multiple servers to solve the risk of short term loss of service.

HSM as a Service

A24 helps current and emerging Banking & Finance enterprises establish new payment offerings and reduce costs of operations by accessing A24 HSMaaS (Hardware Security Modules as a Service) on demand and enabling smaller payment platforms, neo banks, traditional regional banks and emerging players to share HSMaaS, lowering entry costs but fast-tracking revenues whilst ensuring all security, compliance and Key Management is taken care – all for known monthly service fee.

Consuming HSM on demand is a market driven solution that ensures flexibility and agility are made available to promote competition and growth for all banking and finance enterprises in all markets.

A24 delivers world class Remote Solutions that are secure, very high speed and designed to deliver staff satisfaction in remote working environments.

Remote Employee Management (REM) / Remote Office Solutions (ROS)

A24 delivers world class data-centre centric Remote Solutions that are secure, very high speed and designed for optimal performance that drives business efficiencies and staff satisfaction in the current remote working environment.

Most enterprises will have a VPN or SD-WAN solution proposed or recommended long before the needs of the business are well documented and addressed when implementing Remote Solutions.

A24 has designed and built a complete end to end secure private connectivity and desktop solution that scales from 1 to 1000 users based on the A24 Enterprise Security Platform (ESP). This solution uses non-internet connections and dedicated known pathways to establish direct connections between employee devices and secure data centre applications that are further enhanced with cross connected high-speed fibre to services such as Office365, Salesforce and Adobe.

Enterprise Banking & Finance, Executives or board members can access additional cryptographic based key secured connections to ensure only truly authorised connections have access to secure data and systems.

A24 remote solutions also provide high speed secure desktop as a service solution to further ensure all high-speed connections work in conjunction with high speed virtual desktops in the data centre right alongside the large SaaS platforms containing their information. These desktop environments are available for Windows 10, Apple & Linux users without the need for expensive hardware and BYOD laptop replacements.

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