Platform Solutions

Technological performance across multiple regions requires specialist knowledge

Asia Pacific Platform deploymemt

A24 has been based in Tokyo since inception and has native Japanese, and English speaking resources.  The key to our success has been our commitment to embracing language and technological fluency in our region.

We add value to companies that need to work seamlessly cross region who understand that a “one size fits all” solution cannot deliveroptimal performance.

Platform Hosting

A24 Platform Hosting has improved the functionality, stability and business opportunities for hundreds of enterprises since cloud became a recognised environment.

Enterprise grade application deployment for internal and wider use is our core strength. We design, deploy and manage seamless networks carrying data to and from critical Enterprise Applications hosted on unfailing infrastructure.

A24 platforms

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Equinix provides a consistency of base offering and service in multiple countries that brings certainty to the underpinning network infrastructure for companies that need platforms in more than one location.

In Asia A24 has been able to leverage Equinix’s infrastructure to overlay massive platform facilities on behalf of clients expanding into and through the region.

Once you are connected to our network your access to AWS, Azure, Google, Office 365, Salesforce and other clouds is entirely private, robust, managed and secure.

Multicloud expertise

A24 delivers best in class true independent Multi-Cloud solutions through its proven methodology that places security, flexibility and scalability back in customer control. Unlike common public and private cloud providers A24 solutions enable a true multi-cloud solution that encompasses on-premise, Public Clouds (AWS, AZURE, GOOGLE, ALIBABA) and Private Clouds to function in the most agile and secure way for enterprises to succeed.

A24 has developed and delivers unique & secure privately connected cloud solutions that only bridge internet access via pre-determined gateways enabling secure data centre, on-premise and remote office / remote worker solutions that ensure compliance and governance are maintained.

From its OTE (Office Terminating Equipment ), OPR (On Premise Rack) solution through to its DCR (Data Centre Rack) A24 has a range of solutions designed to enable your legacy systems to move seamlessly into the Cloud or create the pathway for your enterprises digital transformation platforms to fast-track your technology journey cost effectively.

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