Multiple cloud solutions

Cloud deployments combine Public, Private and 3rd Party clouds networking via a single management system

Combining all of your Clouds


Public clouds like (AWS,Azure,GCP) are accessible via the Internet and use shared compute and storage to provide application hosting.

The A24 Multicloud platform (MCP) provided a simple way to connect to these Public clouds via a dedicated, secure, private networks.  By privately connecting  your public cloud applications to the A24 MCP you can build connection paths between other clouds and your work force.

The A24 MCP allows you to select the best fit cloud for your work load,  and deliver unprecedented security and predictable performance by removing transit across the Internet and replacing it with a dedicated private networks operated by A24. By centralizing management with A24 your work loads can become public cloud agnostic and optimised for the best cost performance.


Private clouds are internal enterprise platforms running on hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V or Kubernetes and can also include dedicated physical hardware running legacy applications.

The A24 Multicloud platform can connect on-premise and data centre resident infrastructure directly to other clouds. This is ideal for enterprises undertaking digital transformation, enabling a staged approach and allows the stepped migration of specific work loads to the public cloud.

Combined with lift & shift (The re-location of core IT server & storage infrastructure into our data centres) and A24’s ability to deliver last mile connectivity as an end to end services, we can offer a single vendor, fully managed, end to end solution.


3rd party clouds  are SaaS/PaaS platforms delivering specific application solutions with out the customer needing to operate infrastructure.

The A24 Multicloud platform privately and securely connects to these 3rd party clouds via the cloud exchange. Public cloud services like Office 365 / SFDC which operate on the public cloud can benefit from A24’s cloud exchange services.

A24 offers more than 1,500 3rd party cloud services which can be connected via A24’s Multicloud Platform providing fast, reliable and secure connectivity to these 3rd party services.

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