Multicloud connectivity

Invisible intercontinental and cloud interconnect links drive both security and performance.

Multicloud connectivity


Providing a fast, secure, scalable way to consume enterprise applications and public SaaS platforms globally can be challenging.

The A24 Multicloud platform provides multiple Edge Device options for connecting mobile devices and remote offices securely.

With more than 220 points of presence located in 44 countries, A24 has solutions that scale from a single desktop to thousands of devices.

With the A24 Multicloud Edge,  remote workers can be connected quickly and managed centrally.


Integrating on-premise equipment located at multiple offices and facilities around the globe can be a major obstacle for enterprises undertaking a cloud 1st strategy.

A24 provides a number of Gateway Device options which can be installed on-premise or at the customers data centre to extend A24’s Multicloud platform.

The A24 Multicloud gateway can be connected to  legacy servers, existing Ethernet & WIFI networks or building management systems. By connecting on-premise networks and customer devices they can be managed and secured by the A24 Multicloud Platform.


With the growing adoption of cloud based services, enterprises often find themselves in the situation of having work loads in different clouds.

By default, enterprises resort to Internet based VPNs connecting the clouds to share data. This solution is complex to manage, delivers unpredictable performance.

The A24 Multicloud platform incorporates Controller Devices which allows enterprises to interconnect multiple public cloud providers together via dedicated network connections. This provides significant performance improvements and isolation from the public Internet.

In addition to the public clouds, the A24 Multicloud platform allows customer to connect private clouds (including legacy infrastructure) providing a simple and secure way to operate a hybrid cloud platform.

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