Multicloud devices

Employees working from remote desktops across multiple cloud deployments is a key feature of the modern work environment.

Multicloud devices


A24 Multicloud edge devices allow remote uses to consume services connected to A24 Multicloud.

The edge device can be connected to existing WIFI or DSL Internet service  for connectivity. The Edge device will encrypt and transport all packets to the A24 Multicloud Platform for inspection, filtering and routing.

The A24 Multicloud platform will only allow data to registered devices connected to the edge device.


The A24 Multicloud gateway device allows infrastructure located on-premise or in the data centre to consume and provide services.

The gateway device are connected to dedicated private connections and use existing Internet service for redundancy.

The gateways can provide local routing decisions but require all devices connected to the gateway to be registered before traffic can pass.

Gateways can be mounted in an existing coms room rack, or supplied with a rack and local IaaS compute and storage as part of a private cloud deployment.


Controllers within the A24 Multicloud Platform orchestrate the transport of data between remote, on-premise and various cloud services.

At the activation of a customer, redundant controllers are automatically instantiated within the regional A24 Multicloud Platform. These controllers establish the control plane to each edge and gateway devices and configure the data plane for the transport of customer data.

In addition the controller will instantiate virtual appliances on the data plane to provide routing protocols, firewalls and support services.

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