Multicloud management

The A24 global MCP Multicloud Platform provides visibility and empowers companies to control information, protocol and physical network devices throughout the network.

Multicloud Platform (MCP)

Multicloud Platform enables the interconnect of:

CLOUDS:  Public, Private & 3rd Party
The A24 Multicloud platform is a simple way to connect clouds via high performance, secure private networks.

CONNECTIVITY:  Remote, enterprise & Interconnect.
The A24 Multicloud platform allows the connection of on-premise, data centre resident infrastructure and other cloud work loads together.

MANAGEMENT:  Security, availability & performance
A24 can manage and secure your entire enterprise network and monitor availability and performance 24 hours a day.

The platform manages the entire network using:

  • Single page of glass via CLI, API and web interface.
  • Single security perimeter around your entire enterprise network.
  • Global support, 24 hours a day with a single point contact for all services  via email and phone.
  • Proactive monitoring of network availability, performance and security

A24 multicloud provides:

  • Independent edge, gateway and control infrastructure per enterprise tenant.
  • Secure, managed end to end network connectivity for the enterprise.
  • Segmented traffic for improved security and performance.
  • Connectivity to all major public cloud providers.
  • Identifies all devices / identities / applications.
  • Improved security by limiting  public accessible attack surfaces.
  • A predictable reduction in monthly operating costs.
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